Why Tire Care Is Vital For Your Vehicle

There are hundreds of automobile accidents that occur every day by neglecting to examine or replace one part of the vehicle; the tires. The tires on your vehicle are very special, with channels set into the tread that are specifically designed to keep water away. Over time the tread will get worn away and can cause the driver to lose control or the tire to burst while driving. To avoid this, have your tires inspected regularly by expert service technicians.

There are lines set between the tread lines called wear bars. These are designed to show you the level of wear that your tires can safely handle before needing to be replaced. If your tires do not have these wear bars there is another quick and easy way to examine the level of wear on your tires.

Take a quarter and insert it into the tread lines with Washington's head pointing straight at the tire. If you are able to see the top of his head on the quarter, that means the wear has gotten to the point where you need to change the tire.

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