Seasonal Car Maintenance Is More Important Than You Think

You may have noticed that the summer has finally left with its hot sunny days, which means only one thing: fall is finally here! Our staff here at Gray Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram would like to remind you that the same way many people can get sick during the season change, cars can too! It's always a great idea to call us and schedule an appointment at our prime service center where one of our many amazing technicians will help work with you to keep your vehicle running at its best.

Getting your vehicle serviced at the beginning of every new season is the best method to prevent future complications. Are you aware that cooler weather can put a strain on car batteries, cause oil to thicken, tire pressure to decrease, and damage spark plugs? Thankfully the expert mechanics at our Stroudsberg showroom can assist you with every matter that may hinder your car. From conducting oil changes, battery tests, spark plug replacements, installations, and so much more, we are always available to keep your vehicle healthy and you satisfied.

Don't let the start of a new season bring your car down, stop by our top service center at 894 N Ninth Street at your earliest convenience!

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