Kitty Litter Is An Option On Winter Roads

Drivers should always be cautious on the road. Those who drive in Stroudsburg must be prepared for the harsh winter months. The weather gets severe and safety becomes the most important agenda when traveling on the roadways. All motorists must have an emergency roadside kit available in order to help them through times of need. The kit should contain basic necessities such as blankets, jumper cables, tools and warm clothes. A traction agent is also necessary to help the car if it is to get stuck.

Salt has been the common agent to use in this situation. However, kitty litter has emerged as a sensible option. Salt melts the ice around it, which allows the vehicle to get traction on the road. Salt is extremely corrosive. It is also in high demand during the winter which makes it expensive and harder to come by. Kitty litter is more accessible and does not provide the corrosive issues to the vehicle.

Staff members at Gray Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram are prepared to assist motorists who need more information about preparing a satisfactory roadside emergency kit.
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