Warning Lights Mean Action Required

Dashboard warning lights in automobiles are also called vehicle warning indicators. Though there are common warning lights to some major issues, the warning light symbols vary according to the manufacturer. Car owners are advised to consult the owner manual when in doubt of a warning light message. Moreover, a scan tool assists in cases where warning lights show a fault to be within the vehicle such as a disabled airbag. This example would elicit immediate repair.
Some common warning indicators include:
  • Engine light, indicating loose gas cap or serious issue
  • Warning by color indicating immediate repair or reminder
  • Oil pressure warning
  • Coolant temperature warning
  • Brake system light, meaning fluid or problem with ABS system
  • Battery charging alert, either as a word, symbol or light
Estimates show 450 vehicle indicators are possible signs of trouble. Come visit our service center at Gray Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram if dashboard warning lights are alerting you to an urgent situation.
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