How The Extreme Cold And Heat Affect Your Car Battery's Performance

No one likes to hear their car struggling to start. One thing that can greatly affect battery performance is temperature. When there is extreme cold or heat, your car battery will not run as efficiently.

Car batteries work best at 80F. Because battery operation is based on a chemical reaction, heat will accelerate the reaction, while cold will slow it down. This is why your car may struggle to start in the winter. In the heat, internal corrosion also speeds up and decreases battery life. In cold temperatures, car batteries have a decreased ability to start and power a vehicle.

Batteries are given a CCA (Cold-Cranking Amperage) rating, which tells the amount of current a battery delivers for 30 seconds at -18C. The higher the rating, the better its efficiency in colder temperatures. At Gray Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we always ensure that you are driving with the best possible batteries so that you never hear your car struggle because of temperature.



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