The Mopar Vehicle Protection Service Looks After Tires

The Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection system is a special service that exists to provide the owners of a wide variety of vehicles with extended levels of warranty protection. The Chrysler Mopar plan offers two customer-oriented service offerings, and these include the Maximum Care plan and the Added Care Plus plan. These plans together offer coverage for many thousands of discrete vehicle parts.

In addition to the base level of service, Mopar members everywhere can benefit from the Road Hazard Tire and Wheel Coverage offerings. This Mopar brand gives vehicle owners extra protection for their wheels and their tires, both of which often see heavy duty use.

The Mopar Road Hazard Tire and Wheel Protection Plan shields drivers by offering them access to plans that pay the full replacement cost of four vehicle tires for no more than $150. In addition to this money-saving initiative, this Mopar plan also offers members a variety of other goodies such as free tire stem replacement, balancing, and even mounting.



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