The Safety Features of the New Jeep Renegade

Gray Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram strives to offer great vehicles, which is one reason we like to focus on safety features. As you drive the streets of Stroudsburg, you can see why safety is important, and the following is meant to highlight the safety features of the Jeep Renegade.

Safety Features of the Renegade

Anti-Lock Brakes

The anti-lock brake system senses when a tire has stopped spinning if you pressed on the brakes hard. The system modulates the pressure, allowing the tire that has stopped spinning to spin again giving you more control.

Good Stability

The Renegade comes with a stability system that automatically senses when the vehicle has gone beyond its handling limits. At this point, it forces the engine to reduce its power and brakes to help you gain control again.

Safe Airbags

The vehicle comes equipped with side, front, knee, and even overhead airbags. You will definitely be a little more protected during an accident or a rollover accident.

These are just some of the safety features that make the Renegade a great vehicle that you can test drive at our dealership.



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