Service Testimonials

Just like my buying experience, the service department was top notch.  Service writer Joe was awesome and very knowledgeable about my car.  Unfortunately, the service was not successful do to time constraints, the issue was quite a bit more involved.  I have full confidence it will be fixed on Monday when I'll drop the car off.

- Mike

Everything went well, Paul took care of us and it was a surprise to see the waiting room chairs so clean!

- Kevin

As always, they were quick and professional.

- Kevin

I have been having my truck serviced there the past few years and have always been completely satisfied.  Please keep me on the list for any discount service coupons you may offer. Thank You.

- Fred

Everyone was helpful and service went well... Thank You!

- William

The service guy Joe's professionalism keeps me coming back to have you guys take care of my car.

- Ramone

The service was as good as I could have expected.

- Joe

I am very satisfied with your service department. The counterman was a pleasure and the mechanics did a fine job too. thanks for asking. See you at my next service appointment.

- Richard

Great service as always. Thank you and have a nice holiday.

- George

Thank you!  Your guys always do a great job.

- Matt

Yes, it was a prompt and thorough service experience. Thank you!

- Karen

Yes, and I'm totally satisfied. Thanks,

- Fred

Everything was great. Thank you!

- Bob

The service was great and I would like to give kudos to Joe Loizzi he does a great job. Thank you,

- Gary

Always never any issues!  Paul, Joe, and Mike always take care of me.  That is why I always come back.  Have a Happy New Year! Thanks,

- Chance

I was very satisfied and pleased with the service I received on Friday February 1. Thank you.

- John Kossup

Service was excellent and performed in a Timely manner.

- Robert Gozzer

Everything went great! Thank you!

- Michael

Top Notch,

- Susan

Things were done and on schedule.  Nicely done!

- Jason

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